What is Census?

June 18, 2022

Maldives Population & Housing Census & Economic Census will be carried out by the Maldives Bureau of Statistics (MBS) from 13th – 25th September 2022. Listing operation will be carried out on 13th & 14th September while main operation will continue from 17th till 25th September 2022. A census gives us a picture of the population living in a country and provides key socio-economic indicators needed for assessing the development of the country. It provides information at national, atoll and island level to plan and provide a wide range of public services from health to education, and from housing to employment.

How is Census Conducted?

Population & Housing Census 2022 will be conducted together with Economic Census. Census Reference Time is 00:00 of 13th September 2022. Listing operation will start on 13th September 2022, enumerators will start visiting households and establishments and listing will be done on 13th and 14th September 2022. Teams will visit households and establishments to fill individuals information on 17th September 2022. Following information will be collected from households and establishments:

Household and Members
  • – Living area (in sqft)
  • – Age
  • – Education & Highest certificate level
  • – Economic activities
  • – Type work (occupation)
  • – Age at marriage
  • – Age at the birth of first child (for women)
  • – Place of work etc …
  • – Registration & Ownership
  • – No. of Employees
  • – Income & Expenditure
  • – Salaries & wages, rent, water, electricity, phone/internet, fuel and raw materials etc …
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