Statistics Act & Regulation

September 12, 2022

Statistics Act (No: 16/2021)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the Maldives Statistics Act (Act no: 16/2021) on 20th July 2021. The bill was passed by the Parliament on July 8, 2021, at the 21st sitting of the second session of the Parliament. The Maldives Statistics Act lays out the guidelines for the collection, analysis, usage and publication of national statistics, under an established national standard. The Act aims to advance the statistics industry in the country and to collect relevant data regarding the Maldives’ economy, ecology and social aspects, and use that data responsibly for the benefit of all citizens.

The Act stipulates the establishment of the Maldives Bureau of Statistics, an independent entity mandated with the planning and operation of all national activities related to the field. Which will operate under Ministry of National development, Housing & Infrastructure. The Minister would be liable for all matters related to the new bureau. A Chief Statistician would be appointed by the President to operate the Maldives Bureau of Statistics under the direction of the Minister