A census on population and housing is taking a count of the entire population and housing of a given country and collects information on its main characteristics (geographic, demographic, social and economic, plus household and individual information.

A census gives a picture of the population living in a country and provides key socio-economic indicators needed for assessing the development of the country. It provides information required for policy planning at national, atoll and island level. This information is used to plan public services such as health, education, housing and employment.

The Census will be carried out from 13 to 25 September 2022

The Census will be carried out in all islands in the country or simply saying, where ever a person resides.

  • Our teams will be visiting your house to collect information from your household.
  • On 13-14 September our team will carry out listing operation and will visit your house to collect minimum information.
  • From 17th September onwards, our team will visit your household to collection household information and each individual information.
  • You can be ready with the following information from your household:
    •  Age and date of birth of household members
    • Age at first marriage of household members
    • Duration / year moved to island of usual residence
    • Highest certificate level of household members
    • Place of work and type of work done by household members
    • Age at birth of first child (for women
    • Area of your apartment (in sqft)
  • You can be ready with the following information for your establishment:
    •  Ownership and registration details (GST / registration number)
    • Main type of activity/service carried out in your establishment
    • Employees details (by nationality and gender)
    • Expenditure details and revenue details

Our teams will visit each household on 13-14 Sept. On their first, if they are able to meet your household, they will make give an appointment as to when they will visit your household during census week (17-25 September) to collect household members information.

It is our request that you make sure someone from the household is present at the given time to give information to our team.

We ensure that any information given to our team will be kept confidential and will not be disclose to any other party. Your information will be protected and kept confidential as per Statistics Act 16/2021.

If you are a resident of Maldives, you must take part in the census. Census information helps inform and plan our development. By taking around 10 minutes per person to fill in the census questionnaire, you will help make sure your community gets the services need now and in the future.